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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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The True Wrestling of ECW


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Latest DVD Review (haven't done one of THESE since OO)

The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class


Catching Up Again (Ugh)

Sorry, folks. Been busy yet again the last few weeks. I have some interesting writing projects coming up, so please stay tuned. Hopefully it won't me another f'ng month to update this blog again:

World Wrestling Insanity columns:
The Ultimate Video Game MovieIron Shiek Claims CNN Misquoted Him
Canadian Bulldog's Real-time Raw Coverage (not bad if I say so myself for a first "real-time" Raw attempt)

Club WWI: As though you didn't have enough reasons to become a club member.... this month I interviewed the one, the only HULLLLLLLLLK HOGAN!!! Well, kinda. Also I reviewed XPW: Season One, one of the most confusing wrestling DVD's out there.

DVD's: I recently bought TNA's Year One DVD. Although it's one of their slicker ones to date, it's still a biased, and at times confusing piece of documentary. Let's put it this way: if you've been following the TNA story since 2002, you're not going to learn anything new. If you haven't, you're not getting the full story by watching this. WWE releases have some bias, absolutely, but they don't really ignore key parts of their history (well, unless you count Chris Benoit, I suppose). So very little reference to their NWA roots, not to mention Jerry Jarrett. I mean, Double J Senior did kind of start the company - just saying....

I've also seen XPW (and reviewed it on Club WWI) and The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class, which will be reviewed on World Wrestling Insanity fairly soon. I'm not in any great rush to see the Mysterio, Cena and Michaels ones, so maybe I'm learning to pick and choose what I buy in my old age...

FitnessBlog: 16 workouts during November, and all of them lengthy ones, as opposed to my previous 20-minute jaunts. Feeling a lot better, physically and have lost almost 10 pounds since mid-summer. So, not bad.

Raw's 15th Anniversary: What's not to love? Was easily the best wrestling show (pay-per-view or otherwise) I've seen all year. Not sure if that's more the general state of the game right now or what, but a pretty damn great show from start to finish.

Review: No Country For Old Men: Actually, I'm not going to bother reviewing it. Just don't see it -- trust me on this one, folks. It's not worth it. Yeah, I know - Cohn Brothers and all that. But Fargo this ain't. Just trust me. Lamest. Ending. Ever.

The Office Line Of The Night: Oh, wait, that's right -- no new episodes in the last month because of the fucking writers' strike. Damnit!

Okay, back at ya soon -- or most likely, mid-January. So, uh, happy holidays?

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