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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Oddball ICQ Chat Of The Day

I get some strange chat requests on ICQ, so I've decided to publish some of them here. I've also decided to make more smart-assed comments, especially when someone starts up a chat with me for no reason, then has nothing to say. So here goes:

ping (08:28 AM) :
Canadian Bulldog (08:29 AM) :
ping (08:29 AM) :
Canadian Bulldog (08:29 AM) :
Morning. How goes it?
ping (08:29 AM) :
how is ur weekend?
Canadian Bulldog (08:30 AM) :
Great, thanks. Yours?
ping (08:30 AM) :
very good,
Canadian Bulldog (08:31 AM) :
Anything interesting going on from your end (wherever that is)?
ping (08:34 AM) :
good question, I newly worked , and I am trying to learn more at work. I learned to know some new people and very happy for that.
How about you?
Canadian Bulldog (08:35 AM) :
That's good to see that you're very happy for that. Where do you work? What industry? Or did someone 'work' you? As in 'work vs shoot'?
ping (08:37 AM) :
how about u? what industry do u work at ?
Canadian Bulldog (08:38 AM) :
I'm an award-winning journalist. Perhaps you've heard of something called the 'IWC 100'?
Canadian Bulldog (08:40 AM) :
It's similar to the Nobel Prize, in many respects.
Canadian Bulldog (08:46 AM) :
Ping? You there?
Canadian Bulldog (08:48 AM) :
Ping-O-Mania is running wild, brutha!
Canadian Bulldog (08:50 AM) :
Whatcha gonna do.... when Ping-O-Mania runs wild... on you?

Do you smell what The Ping is cookin'?

Holla.. If Ya Ping Me!

Ping Ping! Ping Ping! (instead of Bang Bang, get it? LOL!!!)

If you're not down with that, I got just two words for ya - PING IT!

Ping... your ass is next!

ping (08:55 AM):

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Latest ITR

I call this one Between The Sheets.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Greetings From Edmonton

Just arrived here in one piece.... barely. Loooooong flight, made longer than I thought because of a weather delay. It's only 10:30 here (but 12:30 Toronto time) so I'm already exhausted. You can tell I'm a real world traveller, huh?

Anyways, for both people who read this blog regularly, I SHOULD have an ITR out this week. Was able to hammer out most of it on the flight over, just have to iron out some odds and ends. No guarantee, though, but its looking good.

ARGH! I'm exhausted! Good night...

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Faarooq = Liar

While I was a little sad to see WWE release Ron Simmons (he was the wrong APA member to be canned, IMO), this old chat from Slam! Wrestling may explain why they HAD to let him go. He's a big

To wit:

Steve: Do you know when Mark Henry is going to return?? Will he join the nation?
Faarooq: Don't know and don't care!

(Obviously you DID know, Faarooq, because you recruited him yourself!!!)

billy: Will you get another shot at the WWF championship?
Faarooq: I'm sure of it.

(Would you care to bet on that?)

Faarooq: Thanks a lot!

Wildone: Will Rocky Maivia join the Nation?? We havn't heard from him in a while?? A surprise entrance maybe??
Faarooq: Absolutely not!

(which, of course, is exactly what happened maybe a month later)


Sunday, March 21, 2004

Fruit Smash
While you're already checking out silly flash games anyways....

Silly Faces

It's like Mr. Potato Head all over again

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Latest ITR

Upcoming Draft Picks Revealed!!!

By the way, the comment at the end is kind of a "shoot". Maybe I've been spoiled in the past, but I've noticed that feedback has almost completely dropped off in the last couple of weeks.

Was it something I said???


The Artist.... Is Coming Back

Looks as though my good friend The Artist is making his grand return. Take a look at his vignettes:

Vignette 1

Vignette 2

Vignette 3

This Stone guy had best watch his ass!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Fantasy-Booking The Draft... And Beyond

Okay, I know everyone and their mother (especially Buff Bagwell's) has predicted the draft already. I'm going to do something a little bit different in that, I won't get into where EVERYONE goes, but just look at what I think should be the main issues from here till SummerSlam. Obviously, some of it is based on rumors out there, most of it is pure fantasy booking on my part. Here we go..

Next Week
The draft results in the following main changes (again, I'm not going to get into the lower mid-carders here)
Raw -- John Cena, World's Greatest Tag Team, Tazz, Billy Gunn, The Undertaker, Rikishi, Sable
SmackDown -- Triple H, Booker T, Edge, D-Von Dudley, Matt Hardy, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jerry Lawler, Stephanie McMahon

Also... Vince McMahon suspends Bill Goldberg for not showing up to the draft.

In the main event of Raw, Evolution teams up "for the final time" against Chris Benoit, John Cena, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels. HHH taps again in the crossface, causing a frustrated Evolution to turn on him. HBK contemplates helping out his old Clique partner, but before he does so.. he's attacked by Chris Benoit. "What is happening here?" screams JR as the show fades to black.

On SmackDown, Vince McMahon starts the show and re-names Stephanie as the GM (she's now a heel and has forgotten the whole daddy-tried-to-beat-me-up thing). This causes several problems which (of course) is the crux of the entire show, causing:
(a) HHH not to show up for his first day or work, speculating that he doesn't want to work for his ex-wife
(b) Stone Cold is now the SmackDown Sheriff, causing yet another chapter in the Austin Vs Authority battle
(c) The U.S. title is vacated because Cena switched to Raw
(d) D-Von asks Stephanie for a trade. He is turned down.
(e) Paul Heyman resigns in disgust, not before cutting a promo reminiscent of his anti-McMahon tirade before Survivor Series `02. "You made Brock Lesnar leave, you are splitting up tag teams and families, and now your dumb ***** of a daughter takes my job. Vince McMahon, you can't fire me -- I quit!"


Benoit defeats Michaels... with the help of Evolution, cementing his heel turn

Mick Foley defeats Randy Orton... by countout, when Orton flees the ringside area.

Undertaker soundly beats Kane in a casket match

On the undercard: WGTT defeats the teams of Flair/Batista, La Resistance, Cade/Jindrak, Hurricane/Rosey and RVD/Bubba (the whole `tag team without partners thing') to win the vacant Raw tag team titles; Chris Jericho defeats Christian & Trish in a handicap match; John Cena beats Billy Gunn.

Bubba Ray and Spike give their notice to Bischoff post-Backlash. It's even written up on wwe.com to look realistic.


Eddy Guerrero defeats Big Show in some sort of special stip match. Afterwards, Kurt Angle makes his return from injury and attacks Guerrero.

Edge wins a mini-tournament in his first match back and is named the U.S. champion. HHH was scheduled to be in the tourney, but no shows.

Rey Mysterio defeats Chavo Guerrero to win the Cruiserweight title, setting up for a feud with Matt Hardy.

In a tag team gauntlet match to fill the vacant tag team titles, the reunited Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay returns; did I mention that already? Aw, crap) defeat The Bashams, Kidman/London and A-Train/Rhyno.

Bodyguard Bradshaw (even though he's no longer with Heyman) defeats D-Von in a loser-gets-fired match.

Post-Judgment Day, RVD gets into an argument with Stephanie, upset that he hasn't been booked in any matches. Tajiri and his group are stunned by Austin and leave the building, embarrased.


Pre-Badd Blood, Bischoff orders Jonathan Coachman to join the announce team, which angers both JR and Tazz. On the hEaT before the PPV, Lance Storm abandons Val Venis during a prelim match.

Chris Benoit defeats The Undertaker.

Mick Foley beats Randy Orton in a Hell In The Cell match.

Chris Jericho beats the returning Scott Steiner. Soonafter, Steiner, Test, Christian and Trish form a stable.

Michaels and Cena defeat Flair and Batista.

WGTT defeat La Resistance. Afterwards, Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike Dudley run to the ring and clean house.

Tazz walks out of the announce booth sometime in June.


On wwe.com, early July: "World Wrestling Entertainment has agreed to part ways with Rob Van Dam. We wish him the best of luck in future endeavours."

Eddy Guerrero defeats Kurt Angle in a 60 minute iron man match.

Big Show beats Edge to win the U.S. title.

Too Cool retain their belts against The Bashams, and at the conclusion of the match, The Dudleyz make another surprise ambush.

The PPV closes with a Paul Heyman vignette, cackling like a mad scientist that `The end of WWE is coming at SummerSlam'.


Co-main events have Chris Benoit losing the title to John Cena (with Bret Hart as special guest referee) and Eddie Guerrero retaining against... oh, hell, I don't know. I've been typing this on and off for an hour; let's just get to the good stuff.

During the Randy Orton-Rock Intercontinental match, ref bump and who returns, but.... Triple H!!! Fans actually start cheering until he attacks The Rock. Then he does the same to Randy Orton. Ric Flair, Batista, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels... all of them try to stop him but can't (just like in real life :D ).

Why? Because HHH's being helped by The Dudleyz... and RVD... and Tajiri... and Tazz.... and Lance Storm... and Rhyno... throw in Justin Credible, Raven or some other assorted names from the past and you've got the start of Paul Heyman's ECW.

So (he says, exhausted from writing all of this), what do you folks think?

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Dear Abby Query Mirrors Simpsons Episode

Haw Haw!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Car Problems

So I've been parking my car at a subway parking lot to get to work (saves me the 1,000 hour bus commute on days I have the car) and last night, it was freezing out. So of course the car stalls on me.

At first, I let 'er warm up for about 10 minutes and figured it would be fine. So I start driving out of the parking lot and just as I pass the 'arm' that lets cars in and out, the car just dies. I barely pull the car out of the arm's range of falling onto the roof before the battery dies.

After a few more attempts at getting it warmed up (all the while waving cars around me. It happened during rush hour. OF COURSE!), I give up and call the motor league in. Just before they arrive (some 30 minutes later), I get it up and running (OF COURSE I DO!) so he can't help me. I let it run for a good 20 minutes before I venture the 20 minute drive home, hoping... no, praying.... it didn't die again before I got it into the garage.

Hopefully, it was just the severe drop in temperature that did it, but GEEZ, what a pain in the ass.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

SummerSlam in Toronto

Yes, I know this has been bandied about before as a rumor... but I just heard from a fairly reliable source that it's a done deal.

Woo hoo!!!! Can't wait!

Monday, March 15, 2004

More Mania Thoughts

Almost fell asleep while I was writing that earlier stuff today, so here's my slightly more in-depth rundown:

Man, were my predictions ever wrong. I mean, I think I was off on more than half of the matches, which has to be a personal low for me in roughly 20 years of watching these things...

Had to arrive at the Toronto-area movie theater some two hours in advance; we got a tip that the place was starting to fill up around 4:30 eastern time and rushed over there. Had to be a sellout -- some 200 people at least -- at the venue, a record for this particular theater.

Cena-Show was a BAD choice for an opener. Still, it was a decent match with the right ending.

The Bobby Heenan-Mean Gene skit was funny as hell, though you KNEW this had Mae Young written all over it... and, uh, why was Bischoff looking for The Undertaker exactly? Did they plan to wrap that angle up, or did Bischoff just give up when he saw what Taker looked like?

Even though I know a lot of you had called this one, the Jericho-Christian ending shocked the hell outta me. Literally, I have no hell left in me.

I thought Snuka was going to be in The Rock and Sock's corner -- what happened? Did he forget? Perhaps one too many coconuts to the head, brudda.

Orton winning WAS the right decision (sorry, Jeb) even if I didn't call it beforehand. Sets up nicely for Foley Vs. Orton at Backlash or whenever. The Flair-Rock stuff was classic.

I was SHOCKED and APPALLED when Sable et al didn't adhere to the rules in their evening gown match. How can you have an evening gown match with no evening gowns? I plan to file a petition to president Jack Tunney... er, maybe not.

Hall of Fame stuff was cool, though I was half-hoping for Superstar Graham's torso to fall apart while on stage. And WHAT was with Rabbi Ventura there? Did Bobby Heenan almost fall off the stage?

Speaking of which... Ultimo Dragon, I know you were nervous and all, but slipping on the biggest stage of them all? Sorry, but you deserve a Nelson Muntz style 'Haw Haw' for that. Match itself was solid.

Brock-Goldberg was extremely disappointing to me. Not sure who was at fault there, but I don't think the fans are entirely to blame. Even Austin seemed like he didn't want to be there. But the best was Goldberg going back the ring, just so he could take the Stunner. You could just TELL he wanted to get out of there and leave. I feel bad for him. I really do.

I don't feel as bad for Brock; he can come back whenever he wants with the best heel gimmick of them all: The Sellout.

I didn't at all like the Eddy-Benoit backstage promo. Of course, it made sense later.


The two matches I really wanted to see delivered big time. Here's hoping to a long reign for Eddy Guerrero; he deserves nothing less. Chris Benoit winning was unexpected (to me; I thought it would be Michaels) and it was one of those mark-out moments where all of us gathered in the theater were gasping for breath when he had HHH in the crossface. There was literally an explosion (who am I now, Gorilla Monsoon?) from the crowd when he won.

Personally, I'd rank this one behind only WMIII and WMX-7 as the best overall Mania ever.

WrestleMania Thoughts

Wow. Whatta show.

The good: Chris F'ng Benoit wins the World Title in the most definitive way possible; Eddy/Angle was very solid; the Trish-Jericho-Christian ending was shocking (to me, at least). Most of the matches had suprising decisions and were still well-done; the opening with three generations of McMahons was a nice touch (at least because I'm a father now; five years ago I probably wouldn't have been such a sap) and the Guerrero-Benoit ending was great.

The bad: Undertaker couldn't have bothered to DRESS UP for his big return? Come on; buddy had six months to get ready. The least he could have done was rented a freaking costume.... The Brock-Goldberg match was purely AWFUL, and I can't even blame the fan reaction here. The two of them just didn't click last night.... I would have liked to see more out of Heenan and Ventura, personally.

Overall, a GREAT SHOW and one of the most memorable, mark-out moment matches I've ever seen in the main event.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

It All Begins.. Again
Wow... WrestleMania Sunday is upon us, and call me a geek, but I'm really starting to get excited (okay, that's kind of the epitome of geekdom, but what're you gonna do?). My usual ritual of heading to the ol' movie theater with my brother is all set, and I'm really looking forward to what should be an enjoyable card. If anyone from the GTA happens to be reading this (highly unlikely), we're gonna be at the Empress Walk theater. If you're there, yell 'Thanks for the Compliment' as loud as you can and we'll find you.

By the way... a really cool prediction list from most of the OO staff is available here. I'd strongly suggest taking a look, if only because there are so many diversified opinions as to what could happen.

Be back later (most likely tomorrow) with my thoughts.

Friday, March 12, 2004


Ahh, back online after what was essentially three weeks without decent Internet access. Finally.

Anyways, just found out that I'm headed to Edmonton for a couple of days later this month (unfortunately, not in time for Backlash; the timing on THAT would have been just awesome). Seeing as I've never been, any suggestions from anyone on what to see there, etc.?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Latest ITR
Wrestle Mania XXX Predictions and Cartoons


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Orton Fears Jeb

From Online Onslaught's message boards

I had no idea Erin was planning this, so imagine my shock when I'm watching Raw last night and THIS SIGN appears. Ha!

For the uninitiated, my OO colleague Jeb Tennyson Lund has written in no uncertain terms his hatred for Randy Orton, so seeing one of his fans holding this sign up is just hilarious!

Hopefully, this will spark a whole series of Orton Fears Jeb signs at arenas everywhere, setting up the eventual Orton-Lund feud.

Useless Link Of The Day

Dumb Warnings