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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Jericode Is Cracked

Granted, this was the worst-kept secret ever (EVER!!!), and the build couldn't have been any more predictable, but it was still worth seeing. Jericho seemed legitimately happy to be back, and even if the novelty doesn't last much past Mania, it's great to have him back.

My only complaint? Why on earth did they show him clotheslining the torch guy beforehand? I mean, no one was surprised that he would show up.... but still.... his first appearance on camera should have been on the stage. They did the same thing with Eric Bischoff's debut in 2002, showing him backstage right before they debuted him. Not a huge thing, but something I think they could have constructed a little better. The torch guy could have just disappeared, leading to Y2J's entrance video, ya know?


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Whatever Happened To....

I've been meaning to complain about this for some time now, but just keep forgetting about it. There's this show I watch here in Canada (usually every morning at the gym, but it's on virtually 24 hours a day) called "Whatever Happened To..." that is not unlike the VH1-style "Remember The 80's"-type shows.

The premise is simple (and interesting): the show looks at three celebrities of yesteryear, sometimes has interviews or previously-recorded clips of them and talks about their fall from grace. No big deal, right? But then they have these three or four revolving panelists that seriously annoy the hell out of me.

Let's say they're doing "Whatever happened to Larry from Three's Company" as a subject. The panelists (who are comedians, gossip columnists, that kind of thing; no one of note) say things like "Richard Kline moved to his family's farm in Wyoming in 1993 and he's really happy there" as if THESE JERKS HAVE ANY FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE OF THIS WHATSOEVER!!!

I mean, come on, they are SO reading this off of Wikipedia, or some fan club, or something, and making it sound like they have the real scoop on Jonathan from Who's The Boss, or some lady who was in a Certs commercial 25 years ago.

I cannot TELL YOU how frustrating this is!!!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Monday, November 12, 2007

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Catching Up With Canadian Bulldog (Part Deux)

Apologies to the 17 people a day who read this thing for taking, what, two weeks to update it. Things have been busy in the Bulldog's life, what can I say? Here are some updates:

October FitnessBlog: 15 workouts, which is pretty pathetic, though I WAS out of the country for almost a week. I had something of a revelation late last month, though, and have changed my routine a bit.

For the past two years, I have made sure (almost always) to shoot for 4 workouts a week but honestly, a lot of them were half-assed and I got nothing done. A lot of it had to do with timing. Some nights, I'm just getting home at 9 p.m., and other mornings it's a quick effort at 6 a.m. before I leave for work.

I talked to the staff at my gym and they are really pushing the idea that you should do the same nine exercises (different types of nautilus machines) for 20 minutes, 3 times a week, in addition to 5-10 minutes of warming up (which I usually do via some sort of exercycle or stair-climbing machine). I think I can manage three times a week, but a little more intense of a workout. So the overall numbers will slip, I guess, but so long as I stick to this routine, it should be better in the long run.

Reaching Me: Honestly, I rarely check my "Bulldog" emails anymore. Partly it's because my Hotmail address has been infused with dozens and dozens of new spam messages every week (and yes, I am on the maximum spam filter) and partly it's because I just don't have time. I would say if anyone needs to reach me urgently, the place I check most frequently is the World Wrestling Insanity message boards. If you haven't already signed up - I'd definitely encourage it. Otherwise, if you're my "real-life" friends... well, you know where to reach me anyways. But the Hotmail address, use at your own caution.

Breaking News:

WWE Retroactively Suspends Angle For Wellness Violation
The Honky Tonk Man "Sick And Tired" Of Being Typecast

At The Movies: You have to see "Bee Movie". You just absolutely have to. Not only is it a good "kid's movie", but it's one with a lot of appeal for adults as well, particularly if you're into the Seinfeld-esque humor. I haven't enjoyed a kid's movie so much since probably "Toy Story". Also saw "Eastern Promises" the other week, which was alright, and violent enough to keep me happy, but definitely not something I'd rush to go out and see....

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